Hong Kong

10 Reasons I love Hong Kong

I went home for two weeks after Summer term.

People say home is where your heart is and I think that’s true. It may not be the most beautiful place in the world nor the best place to live – maybe it is the worst place to live in – but home is where you always think about, even if it’s dirty or crowded. Home is where you care about – the political, economic and social environment. Home is where your heart belongs. The people and memories make a place “home” to one.

For me, “home” means Hong Kong. Let me share with you ten awesome things about Hong Kong and the reasons I love it.

1. Hong Kong people speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin

I am so proud to be a Hong kongese because we speak three languages. (yes, according to the United Nations, Cantonese is not a dialect but a language) Everyone has basic proficiency in all three languages. Although I hated mandarin classes all my life but those classes have definitely equipped me essential skills to survive in college and society, whether it’s the language itself or realising that I need to work on my weaknesses, not just finding excuses to rationalise them.

2. Hong Kong people think quickly

According to some teach-yourself Cantonese book, Cantonese speakers think quickly – because Cantonese is such a hard language to learn and you are really a genius if you master it. (Well I made the last part up) But really, Hong Kong is such a busy city and life is fast paced that one cannot afford to think and work slowly. We emphasise on efficiency. That’s why things get done nicely and quickly in Hong Kong.

3. Hong Kong has the best food in the world

Dim Sum – first seen in Cantonese-style restaurants. They are treats from heaven. You can find them everywhere in Hong Kong – and any of those restaurant would sell better Dim Sum than any restaurant in Utah. Also, all those street snacks like fish balls, waffles, boba drinks, and also the desserts places you find all over Hong Kong make Hong Kong a food heaven.

4. Public transportations covers Hong Kong

You don’t need to drive to places in Hong Kong. Public transportations like MTR, minibus and bus can take you to everywhere. I am especially grateful for that after I came to Utah …

5. Hong Kong is safe 

Although there are many movies on Hong Kong gangsters but I have never seen them fighting on street. It’s pretty safe even you are walking alone at 3am. There must be shops still open during that time.

6. No sales tax in Hong Kong

Enough said. No sales tax. The price on the price mark IS the price. Just buy it. This makes Hong Kong a shopping heaven for me too.

7. Different religions can be found in Hong Kong

I am grateful for the religious freedom in Hong Kong. We can worship whichever God we believe in. For me, I believe in God. I am a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful for the opportunities to attend sacrament meetings every week. This gives me strength and purifies me. I am also grateful to be able to learn about different religions in the world; for example, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam.  I learned to get along with people who hold different beliefs.

8. There is agency in Hong Kong

Agency means the right to choose. In Hong Kong, you can choose. You can choose who to worship, the languages you speak, the way you dress and the books and movies you watch. We have choices. (I hope) There’s no political censor on the books published.

9. Hong Kong people have basic moral standards

Although most of the Hong Kong people are money driven but generally we wouldn’t sell fake eggs, fake meat or build jerry-built houses.

10. It is my home

I love Hong Kong because it is my home. I love the people and it shaped who I am. It’s that simple. I love that place. It has its own culture. It is part of China but it’s not “just” a city of China. You can tell the difference between Hong Kong and other Chinese cities just by its English name: Hong Kong. It’s the Cantonese romanization of Hong Kong, unlike Beijing or Shanghai that uses Pinyin romanization.

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