Journey to the Chinese Orchestra

Recently I joined a Chinese Orchestra in Utah. It has practices every saturday morning at 830 in West Valley City (Which is like an hour away from Provo). I first saw the orchestra advertisement few months after I got here, but didn’t really want to join it because it’s too far. Two weeks ago my sister sent the orchestra’s advertisement to me and suggested me to join it. After two years, I think I really need to practice my Ruan more. I think I miss playing in an orchestra. I also want to expand my social circle. Therefore I decided to join it. The biggest problem is to find a ride up there.

Few days before the practice, I posted on BYU ride board to ask for ride up to West Valley. (I wanted to take Frontrunner but the earliest Frontrunner from Provo is 7:50am.. which would be too late) I was so lucky that this girl was going to Salt Lake and she was willing to leave whenever I needed. Great! Problem solved. The ride was $10, which I think was fair (since it’s that early and that far) I just wanted to see if the orchestra was good.

It turned out the orchestra was fun (Although I was like the youngest among them.. they are mostly retired Chinese from Salt Lake). And they had invited me to perform with them sometime in June. It was a great start.

What I worried was finding a ride to the practice every Saturday morning. And! The girl who sent me to the practice said she would be able to send me there every week. What a blessing! The thing is, it costs $10 every time. Although it’s fair, I still think it’s a little bit too much for a poor college student.

Then I prayed for it. I prayed that if that’s something I should do, I needed to do, there would be ways for me to cover the ride cost.


I found paid study opportunities!!!! So far I have done one for $10, three for $5, and one more for $8 tomorrow. Aren’t they blessings and answers from my prayers?

I feel like Nephi, “for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.”

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