1- I got married at 20 because I believe in Marriage.

Before taking our Bridals.

Many asked how I made the decision to get married at such young age.

Good question! I was asking myself the same question(s) in the past year(s). Also other questions like, “Is he the right one?” “Will I find better guys?” “Do I have other better things to do other than getting married?” “Is this a good time to get married?” and finally, “Will I regret getting married now ten years later?”

I really don’t have perfect knowledge in everything. I don’t know what my future is like. I don’t know exactly how felix will change in the future. I don’t know if there’s any guys who suit me better out there.

But I have faith. And I believe in marriage.

To me, marriage is sacred and brings heavenly joy. I believe true love lasts forever. So it’s not a random decision like choosing a dress or picking a toothpaste. It’s a very important and sacred decision. But still, how do I know when and who to get married with?

I found myself progressing and becoming a better person after Felix and I started dating. He made me a better person. I learned to love people unconditionally, serve families and friends selflessly, treat my parents better and pay more attention in school. He encouraged(s) me to learn and grow (my GPA bumped as a result!). I learned to rely on God more and go to the Temple more often. I can see myself becoming better and better everyday. I think that’s a good sign that tells me he may be the one who I should consider living forever with.

Also, I felt (feel) loved. He took(takes) good care of me. Very good care of me. He cares about me more than I care about myself. Little things like cooking for me when I am busy, take me out to wherever I want show that he cares. I want to get married to someone who loves me and cares me.

There are of course other good qualities I found in him… But most important I think it’s that I am willing to change for him and I am willing to do better for him. He is also willing to change for me and become a better person. Many people would pray to ask if they should marry their boyfriend/ girlfriend… To me, the question should be, “When should I get married to this guy?” I already kind of knew what kind of person Felix is and I like (love) how he was (if not we would have broken up). I knew I was willing to work this relationship out but I just didn’t know when I should get married… So I prayed.

A Picnic Date Before He Went Back To HK For the Summer in 2013

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