2- I got married at 20 because it’s in the plan.

pc: Anastasia Strate Photography

It was about a year after we started dating when I started thinking about when to get married… I was only 19 (Sounds crazy right). I knew I wanted to get married to Felix but not that soon. I felt like I weren’t prepared.I have a lot of dreams (well, not that many), like visiting Europe, work for a while, study abroad… Will marriage prevent me from achieving my dreams? I didn’t know when would be the best time for me to get married. He had graduated and was just working. I asked my parents for advice/ permission and things just didn’t work out (you know… Asian parents). I didn’t know what to do! I was so frustrated. It seemed that my prayers were not heard.

Then someone (maybe Ariel, don’t remember) told me not to worry that much and just do whatever I can do. (Also, one thing to remember is, haters gonna hate anyways. There will always be people judging you and telling what you should do, what you shouldn’t do. Just be yourself. You can’t cater to everyone’s needs)

I thought my parents want me to graduate before I get married. So I wanted to respect their will. At that time Felix also made an important decision: apply to medical school when he still can (the last year of the old MCAT syllabus). Although we didn’t know if he would get accepted to any schools, we still prepared for the best. He expected to start med school 2015 summer, so I took classes non-stop and finish college in 3 years, graduate in 2015 (He chose to stay in Utah for me, so I thought I would also finish school faster for him). It was not easy: taking classes non-stop, taking care of a med school applicant (the MCAT part was the worst)… But it was worth it.

When I look back now, everything fell into places perfectly. He took the MCAT April 2014, applied in the same year, got some interviews and finally (luckily) got accepted! So he will start school August 2015. I graduate June 2015.

So now we know it should be in 2015. But when in 2015?

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