3- I got married at 20 because I have faith.

PC: Anastasia Strate Photography

Somehow I am one of those people who really like to celebrate different milestones in life: first day of class, last day of class, last day of exam, take off braces, get a perm… and of course I would want my family and friends to celebrate my graduation with me! I spent three years to finish a four-year curriculum. Must celebrate.

There are two convocations every year in BYU, one in April and one in August. So now our choices were limited to sometime around April or August. Since I graduate in June, I was supposed to attend the August convocation. However, we didn’t know if Felix would move to another state for school (most med school starts in August). He was accepted to a school in Iowa then, so we were planning to move to Iowa (and U of U wouldn’t let us know their decision until March 2015). Then the only option is sometime around the April convocation! After some serious discussions with our families, we finalized the date: May 1, 2015.

We thought our journey to marriage was long and difficult. However, things had been planned for us since the first day. We just need to have faith to follow the path. It may seem hard but it’s all good at the end. After all, marriage is eternal. It’s worth to wait or work hard for the marriage. What about my dreams? I realized that I would want “my” dreams to be “our” dreams. His dreams will also be my dreams. I am lucky to have found someone who is willing to make my dreams his dreams. We are now one and we will live our dreams together.

I know it’s a right decision and I am learning so much of it. God will lead us wherever we need to be. He understands us. He is our father.

Therefore, here I am, 20, and married.

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