[Recipe] Jelly Cheesecake


My mom loves to cook. One of my favourite desserts she always made was jelly cheesecake. It’s not too sweet, not too heavy – it’s just perfect! It would be gone in few minutes. It has three layers: jelly on top, cheese (cream cheese and fresh cream) in the middle and crackers at the bottom. My mom used to put Sara Lee cake at the bottom and it also tasted good. I made this cake for the first time the other day for our friend’s birthday – and it was such a big success – so easy, so delicious! I would like to share the recipe (from mom) to you so you can also enjoy this yummy cake.


Top Layer

1 Box (80g) – Robertson Jelly powder (This brand is the best, but Jell-O works too) About 1 Cup – Water (Original recipe was 1 1/2 cup, but I think it was too much.)
About 2 Teaspoon – Gelatine (Optional)
Your Choice of Fruits (Match with the jelly powder flavour)

Middle Layer

1 Box (80g) – Robertson Jelly Powder
250 g – Cream Cheese  (I used one pack of the Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese)
220 – 250 g – Fresh Cream (Whipping Cream)  (I just used one carton the Western Family Whipping Cream ~250 g)
2 Teaspoon (Optional for taste -I didn’t add it) – Lemon Juice
About 1 Cup – Water

Bottom Layer

8 sheets – Graham Crackers  (or more… it’s just a rough measurement)
45 g – Butter


1. Crush the Graham Crackers into crumbs ( I put them in a zip lock bag and use a cup to crush them)

2. Melt the butter (turn it into liquid) and add it to the crumbs. Put it onto the cake pan and bake it for 10 mins on 320 F

3. Boil 1 cup of water, add in 1 box of jelly powder. Let stand until cool.

4. Beat the cream cheese with egg beater until soft, then add (still beating) fresh cream, and the cool jelly water from (3). You can add the lemon juice here.

5. Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the Graham Cracker crust and keep it in the fridge until the cream cheese layer solidifies. (overnight is the best)

6. Boil 1 cup of water, add in 1 box of jelly powder and the gelatine. Let stand until cool (very cool!).

7. Put the fruits on to the solidified cream cheese layer and pour in (6). Be careful! You have to make sure the cream cheese layer is solidified, or the jelly mixture will destroy the layer.

8. Put the cake into the fridge until the jelly solidifies. DONE!





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