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Dragon Boat Festival

It was Dragon Boat Festival last Saturday and I made some rice dumplings with family and friends to celebrate the day!

Dragon Boat Festival commemorates Wut Yuen, a Chinese poet who committed suicide back in 278 BC. We were taught that he was very patriotic. He was the King’s important adviser. But later when the King started not to value Wut Yuen’s advise, Wut Yuen left the palace and finally committed suicide. He jumped into a river and died. People loved him and didn’t want the fish to eat his body; therefore, they made some rice dumplings to throw into the river, hoping the fish would eat the dumplings in stead of the body. That’s the origin of Dragon Boat Festival and the rice dumplings. Nowadays, Dragon Boat Festival has become a day for families gatherings. People would watch the Dragon Boat race together (some people racing the dragon boat) while eating the rice dumplings. Here’s a picture of a dragon boat:




Back to dumplings! My sister was amazing. She prepared all the ingredients for us and we just needed to wrap them. It was not that easy tho haha… We needed to wrap the sticky rice, chestnuts, meat, green beans and mushrooms inside four bamboo leaves. It was my first time! I always wanted to make it when I was living at home but mom always said I didn’t know how to and didn’t let me. But here I am, wrapped about 20 dumplings!



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