10 Types of People to Stay Away From

Sometimes you just can’t love everyone. It’s bad, but I always categorize people and find some to be very annoying. The best way to avoid being unhappy because of these people is to avoid ANY ASSOCIATION with them! Below are ten types of people I am trying to stay away from in my life (and trying hard not to be like them).

1. Nosy, Nosy, Nosy

They want to know everything about you so that they can gossip behind you and judge you. They always want to get new information about your family and your friends from you. The main point is that they don’t care about you at all and they are never there when you need help.


2. Big Baby

They are not young anymore but they rely on families and friends on everything. They need you to take care of them. They never think about what to do in life because it should be all planned out by parents or friends. They don’t need to worry about what to eat because someone will feed them.

3. All Talks, No Action

They talk a lot. They have a lot of ideas. They are the ones who always ban others’ ideas but you will never see them doing anything better. Or they just won’t do anything at all.

4. Cheap Kings and Queens 

They are not poor. But they always want other people to pay for their stuff. They would use your things, but you can’t use theirs. “Your money is my money, my money is my money.”

5. 容易受傷的男女人 “People who easily get hurt.”

They are upset because of the rain, of the colour of your shoes, or of some random people in the shopping mall who didn’t smile back. Everyone is rude to them. Their life is full of unfortunate events.

6. “I don’t have these, so you shouldn’t have these.”

They are jealous of your TV, of your job, of your cat, of your water… They judge you because you live better than them. No matter how hard you work, they see everything you have as the result of luck, parents, and the unfair society.

7. 黑面王 “Grumpy King”

They just complain about everything. EVERYTHING!!! They only focus on the negative. You can’t really make them happy.

8. Control Freaks

Needless to say more… they love to control everything. Even if it’s none of their business. Everything needs to be exactly like what they want. If they ask you to eat dessert and you tell them you are tired and sleeping, they would come and check if you are really sleeping (I couldn’t believe this would really happen when I first heard about that!!).

9. Fake, Fake and Fake

They smile and agree in front of you but complain and swear behind of you. They are the ones who smile and stab you at the same time.

10. The Lazy Bone  食野唔做野

They are not disabled, but all they do is to wait for someone else to do everything for them.

Actually I think everyone has one or two of the above traits in them… including myself. The root problem is selfishness. I am just hoping I can make progresses and improvements to become less like the above people… Well… maybe I am now actually judging and complaining…  Oops.

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