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Happy Birthday, Felix!

We celebrated Felix’s birthday with FOOD all day Friday!


We got up pretty late and I only made him a sandwich…


He was so sleepy.


We had lunch together for the first time after school started! It’s fried fish fillet rice with corn and ketchup. It would be even better if I used cream sauce in stead of ketchup… but I was too lazy.


Tea Time

Yup! There’s tea time of course! Made this Hong Kong hot dog bun! And that was my first time making bread!!! So happy that it almost tasted like the same as the ones in Hong Kong!



We went to Hunan Gardens for dinner! We heard people saying it’s a pretty authentic Chinese restaurant. (And it is – it has frog legs on the menu) We ordered some of Felix’s favourite food. It’s good quality – REAL Chinese cooking method. We like to order sweet and sour pork in new Chinese restaurants to test if they are authentic. We can tell this one is pretty authentic! Great food, great time.


Cake / Dessert

Time for the cake! I made this mango peach cheesecake! (Click here for the recipe) I used the 2-piece non-stick cake pan. Made the crust and cheese layer last night, and decorated the top layer this morning. Turned out great yea?

Kalamazoo-2 Kalamazoo

And because we are cheap, we bought the cheapest candles in Walmart and used paper to make the flames. So cheap.

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