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Hello, Kalamazoo!

We have finally officially started our new life here in the zoo! While school has already started for Felix, I am still in the adjusting state: tidying the house, looking for jobs…

Kzoo Downtown

I remember when I first learnt we would be moving to “Kalamazoo,” I couldn’t help laughing at the name. It was so weird to me. My friends were like, “What zoo? You are moving to a zoo? Sounds like a zoo!” (In fact, according to Wikipedia, the only zoo here was already closed several years ago.) I imagined an exotic, french-styled little town: (not-so-friendly people), cold, no Chinese food at all, no Asians… BUT I was wrong!!! Wrong*10000 times!

Kalamazoo people (we met) are actually so so so so friendly and nice! 

We were at different stores and all those store keepers are willing to help and smile at us. (different than those in other states…) We were looking to buy a mattress that can fit in our little car in Costco the other day, but all we found were either too big or too expensive. We found one King sized mattress in a box that could possibly fit in our car, but it’s too expensive. Plus we would need to buy new King sized bed sheet, King sized comforter, King sized pillows! And King sized bedding products are much more expensive than the other ones. So we asked a pass-by Costco worker. (I assume he was one of the management since he wasn’t wearing the red Costco uniform) He said they should have it, and walked around, couldn’t find it.

“Let me check online for you.”

Five minutes later, he came back. “It says we have it here, but we just have to find it. Do you guys have more shopping to do? You can keep shopping first.”

“Do you need our number so you can call us when you find it?”

“No, I recognise your faces.” I guess we were the only Asian couple huh… And we saw him walking around with another staff, looking for the mattress.

Ten minutes later, when we were walking through the oil section, we saw a forklift and two staff coming towards us.

“Oh here you are! They are getting the mattress for you from the top of the rack!”

THREE staff in total spent fifteen minutes just to help us get one mattress! We wouldn’t have received such nice customer service back in Utah. I gave them a five-star review right after we paid. Perfect customer service. Here in Kalamazoo.

It’s more like humid than cold here (maybe I don’t know yet).

It’s SO SO SO humid here. Almost like it in Hong Kong. It rains every day here. The carpet is always damp. NUMEROUS acnes are found on my face now…and I don’t even need to put on lotion after shower. And there’s insects/ pests everywhere.

The closest Asian market is 2 mins away from our apartment.

It basically has everything we need! All the sauces and noodles. They even have fresh Asian bakery every Friday delivered from Chicago China town. Amazing. And there’s quite a lot of Asians… More variety than in Utah – there are more Southeast Asians here – not only Chinese and Koreans.

One of the sections.
One of the sections.

So far we think it’s a pretty nice city… All I need to do now is to find a job! Well, I guess I actually got a full-time job: job hunting.

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