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The Daily Routine of a Full-Time Job Seeker


Besides being a full-time domestic helper (aka wife), I am also a full-time job seeker for now.

Job hunting is daunting. But I think there should be sadness in life so that we can truly enjoy the happiness later (just like what Joy said in Inside Out) I always believe in that (or am I just comforting myself?).

Share with you my (normal) daily routine as a full-time job seeker, so I will have something to look back in the future. One day!!

7:15 Wake up, prepare breakfast

7:40 Send Felix to school

8:05 Got home, either take a nap or have breakfast, depending if I am tired or not!

9:00 Do some chores, read news, job hunting!

Some job boards I check daily are Indeed, Simplyhired, Monster, Prsa… But I think a more effective way is to identify your “star” companies and check on their job board daily. There may be listings you missed… Just be sure to search with different key words.

10:00 Take a break… Do more chores and eat something!

11:30  Lunch and entertainment time!

1:30 Painting/ reading

3:30 Prepare for dinner/ job hunting

4:45 Pick up Felix

5:30 Prepare for dinner/ job hunting

7:00 Dinner and entertainment time!

8:30 Learn some new skills/ projects

10:00 Exercise

11:00 Shower

12:00 Dreaming

Yes. Job hunting is not that fun – but I know things will turn great shortly. I know that I will get what I want and what He wants. I will.

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