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It’s already been a month!

We have moved here for a month already! Time really flies… It was a frustrating yet happy month – frustrations came from job hunting and happiness came from family time! I guess this is life.

So I have started a new internship and a full-time job training for a part-time job. I am glad I can at least do something related to my major. Although it’s unpaid, I think it’s a good opportunity to expand my network and to serve! Go forth to serve is one of BYU’s mottos, right?

School has been good for Felix. He just passed his first term exam and we went to Chicago the last weekend! It was a fun day trip! I felt like we were back in Hong Kong – we walked and walked, ate and ate … Great time! We even bought snowy moon cake, which I haven’t eaten for three years! And those are the towers Felix saw every day when he was playing GTA.

Chicago-10 Chicago-8

Life is not always perfect and I am learning how to deal with obstacles and frustrations. It will be a great year!

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