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[Work Diary] Life is Actually Not that Bad

So I got a job at the call center and I am currently in the three-week full-time training.

Taking calls non-stop for eight (7 if you deduct the break time) hours is not fun. NOT FUN AT ALL. I have talked to more people in English on phone in one week than in three years. That is crazy. It’s good to be employed but at the same time it’s so mentally exhausting. And I collapsed only after one week of training.

What keeps me moving forward everyday (dragging my body to work and go home) is not only the pay check, but also the good people at work. I learn so much from them. The first one I want to talk about is Carol (fake name, of course). She taught me to view my life more positively, even when it’s not.

Carol is my trainer. She knows everything a call center agent needs to know – she has been in the industry for more than 20 years. I was amazed – how could anyone stay in the same call center industry for 20 years?! At first she seemed a little bit mean to me (because I was not very flexible enough to work on weekends – which I was told at the very beginning the job was M-F only, so can’t blame me), but later she really showed her care to me.

She is a very hard working trainer. She doesn’t just expect people to do right, she HELPS people to do right. I know things will be OK if she is here – she knows how to deal with angry, upset, demanding callers.

What’s important is her attitude to work and life. She shared her life with us: parents divorced, each got married again, two husbands, several children and step children, living on a tight budget… It is not the perfect life. But she is always so optimistic!She is really grateful for everything in life. She works very hard to support the family and she is always happy about it. I would think she has a difficult life but she totally doesn’t feel like it.

Also, she LOVES her job. She always said to me: we are not “just” the answering service – we are “THE” answering service. When I thought I was “just” having a call center job and I wasn’t good enough to do anything better, she would remind me to be grateful for the job.

Carol’s story taught me to be grateful and look at the bright sides in life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know people from all walks of life. I always focus on what I lack but people who are less fortunate than me are living so much happier. I thought working full time and being a driver/ housewife was very hard – but many may already think it’s a good life. I have to stop complaining and start making myself a better employee and wife.

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