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5 Changes After Marriage

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Anastasia captured a good moment of us

We have been married for five months already! People always asked if there’s any changes after we got married.

OF COURSE!! How could there be not??

From one person to two people, my life has changed and is constantly changing.

  • It’s not “I” but “We”

Before I was married, all I thought was, “What am I eating today?” for breakfast and lunch. (We usually had dinner together.) But now it becomes, “What are we eating today?” I can’t just skip meals or eat crappy food everyday anymore – I have to take care of another person’s meals. His health is also my responsibility… (He would cook when I am busy, and they are all very good food. Not crappy food. So I feel bad if we eat instant noodles everyday.)

  • There’s someone sharing everything with you

Two people sharing the same space, same apartment, same kitchen, same bathroom, same bed, same toothpaste… Paying rent, bills, buying groceries… for two people. Chore works for two people, cook for two people…

  • Living with someone of different culture

We grew up in different families – and it’s like growing up in two different worlds! He didn’t have to take care of dishes, clean up after meals, vacuum, worry about laundry … (he knows how to do those from years of college life but one’s personality is rooted deeply somewhere in his heart.) I am used to having dinner on a table with families every day, he is used to eating meals wherever he wants… I knew all these when we were dating but it was quite different when I am actually living with him. Sometimes they annoy me – but I have learned to accept and learned to live in different lifestyles.

  • Living with my best friend 

This is the best part! I get to live with my best friend. There’s someone I can talk to every night. There’s someone to share my feelings. There’s someone to share my joy and sadness. Dating also gets easier – he doesn’t need to come pick me up, I don’t have to worry about what to wear (because he has seen me without makeup and wearing his big old t-shirts). Cooking a simple meal at home is already very happy!

  • A vision towards eternal family

I know I should have had this vision long time ago! But it gets more real after we got married – we are actually going to have an eternal family! How should we prepare to become better parents? What should I do to support the family? Is our income enough to support us and also our future children? Where do we want our children to receive education? (maybe we are too early to discuss this) Blah blah blah… We walk with each other towards an eternal family. It’s scary but I have faith that we will be OK.

Do you feel the same? Or do you have more you want to add?

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