Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate ~

Woah. Haters are really, literally, everywhere online. You can also refer them as “die-heart followers” of the causes they hate – they would comment on everything that is related to the causes, even if it is not that directly related. 

Haters’ characteristics:

1 – They are the fastest responders to a news article/ Facebook posts.

2 – They can always tie something to the causes they care about: Immigrants made them sick, that celebrity made them fat, etc.

3 – Everything they comment is negative, even the news itself is positive.

4 – They are always right. (Well, we are always right too, but we just don’t show it to everyone. )

5 – They are always so angry.

6 – You become their enemy if you oppose their view points.

7 – They mostly exist online.

It’s frustrating to see those haters’ comments – make me feel sad – but sometimes they make me laugh. How can they be so negative – they must either hate the society so much or they lack love in their lives. They have to get people’s attention by doing those things. They are unhappy so no one can be happy. Think more – they are mentally ill.

Let’s not blame the haters. It’s not their fault to have mental problems, but it’s not our responsibility to fix their problems and respond to their hateful comments. What we can do it, laugh, laugh, laugh~ Spread your love to others so they wouldn’t become another hater.

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