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He Is S.O. C.R.E.E.P.Y.

I never thought this would happen to me… I mean, it’s nothing big… but me? With wedding rings with me?!?!

As many of you may know, I am interning at a museum. It’s a great resource in the community – great artworks, good people, free events. So there’s this free art talk every Tuesday at noon for community members at the museum. Since I have been interning here for about a month, I thought it would be interesting to attend, just to learn more about art!

Wrong decision.

I finished my internship right before noon, and I went downstairs to find a seat and grab some cookies before it started. There were a lot of people! Most of them were old couples, retired professionals who were passionate about art. I was walking around and observing… and someone suddenly talked to me, suggested me not to sit on the sides as it would get very cold later. He was a short foreign-looking man wearing glasses, holding a cup of free coffee from the museum, looking at me.

I thanked him, walked away, and sat down in the middle in the last row.

“Can I sit with you?”

There’s the same man!


It’s not my event, I couldn’t just say no right… I started to feel a little bit not comfortable. But I shouldn’t be so judgemental right… but he had funny smell.

He then started asking me bunch of questions: Where do you go to school? Where are you from? What do you do? I just told him I work at the museum and am from Utah blah blah blah… I was so STUPID!!! But most importantly, I told him I have a HUSBAND and kinda showed the rings.

He silenced, and started saying things like, congrats on your marriage! (Who the heck would congrats a stranger on her marriage? And said things like, your husband is so blessed etc.)

And he said,

“My mom would be so crazy over you. You are a nice girl. You said thank you. I need a kid. But I need to find a wife. Find a nice girl like you.” And he touched my arm! Like we were close friends. And sat closer to me.

Source: WhatsCap
Source: WhatsCap

WHAT THE HECK?! I am married!!!!!!!! And he knew that!

Then He asked me if I smoked, and started sniffing my sweater.


I moved my chair and leaned to the side. The talk had already started, light was dim. I was SO SCARED. I stayed because I thought I would be rude if I left early and that I was too sensitive.

I should have just left. 

I was so scared the whole time and left right after the light was on.

I learned my lesson: don’t talk to strangers. I was in Utah for too long. I have to start learning to protect myself. I was so stupid. I told my supervisors what happened, and found that guy was very notorious. He stalked one of my supervisors’ daughter, went to where she worked everyday. He didn’t have a job. All he did was attending different free community events to look for girls.

Girls, be careful. Don’t be stupid like I was… It’s not about how you dress/ look… I didn’t have makeup on, didn’t brush my hair and I was wearing Felix’s sweater. It’s just … crazy people are everywhere. !!!

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