A blogger award for me – What?!

I think I was nominated to the Versatile Blogger Award from Claire ! (Thank you so much…!) I thought no one would read my blog but at least I still got one reader 🙂 This is a great motivation already.


So I have to tell Claire seven things about myself for this award. Here’s few thoughts I have…

  1. I am always worrying about something. This is bad, and it’s something I am struggling getting rid of. I worry about the apartment not being cleaned, I worry about not getting up early, I worry about if I would have breakfast/lunch tomorrow…Worry about my family’s health… and I worry about my future, I worry about not being able to find a job that I want… My whole life is full of different worries. This is getting crazier after I moved here and started job hunting. I graduated, married, moved. Now what? What’s next in my life? I don’t know. I know I have to put trust in Lord, but sometimes, sometimes it’s hard.
  2. I love sushi. I crave for sushi every now and then. I can’t live without it – it’s part of my life. Sashimi sounds very good to me now.. Do you have any suggestions of good sushi restaurant around?
  3. I thought I was a Type B, and it turned out I am a Type A! I did some tests years ago and I was Type B. I thought I was chill, I was not competitive, and I thought I loved stable life. But. After I started job hunting, worked for some part-time jobs, I realized I am actually a Type A (well actually I took the tests again). I don’t want to settle for a mediocre job. I don’t want to accept the fact that I graduated for months but I am still looking for jobs. I don’t want to accept the fact that I have fear towards my future. I am learning not to put too much stress on myself now… but as I said before, it’s so hard.
  4. I care a lot on how people think about me. I try to be the type of person who pleases every one. I want to be good in front of every one. And that’s exhausting. Sometimes it’s worth it, but now I am thinking if that’s really fair to my heart.
  5. My Cantonese is getting crappier. This is so weird – most of the days I only speak Cantonese – as Felix would be the only person I talk to in the whole day. But I still feel like I am getting strange accents/ grammar whenever I talk to my parents or friends. This is SO BAD. I used to hate those people who speak Cantonese with (fake) foreign accents. Erh……
  6. I am an OCD…partial. I love being clean. I love vacuuming, cleaning and tidying the house. A clean apartment makes me feel good.
  7. I need to fix myself… find out my path and ways to keep myself happy all the time. I think I am in this stage of life where I just need to hold on and live day by day, figure things out. Too many changes happened and I need to think clearly what I should do and what I can do.

SushiDSC_0816Tim Reception

This is more like a reflection paper… Oh well… 

And I have to select 15 blogs/ bloggers that I have recently discovered or follow regularly… This is gonna be hard… Let me try my best. (I am not very positive that the following bloggers would response to my nomination haha. )

  1. Rita @ In Chaos
  2. Isabelle @ Remarkabelle 
  3. Ya Ya @ Yachu
  4. Sugene @ Love kahngquers all

Um…. These are the blogs that I discovered recently/ follow regularly… I do follow some other bigger blogger sites but I am not sure how I can notify them about this. Well, I would just paste the links below so you guys (if anyone) could enjoy!

  1. Hong Kong Photoblog
  2. Zayne’s Blog (This is a must-read!!! So touching, so sincere)
  3. Daisy Wong Blog

About the award:

If you are nominated, you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. You should:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to his or her blog.
  • Select fifteen (15) blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered and/or follow regularly. (Choose blogs you find excellent!)
  • Nominate those fifteen (15) bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award, including a link to the originalVBA site.
  • Notify your nominations!
  • Finally, don’t forget to tell the person who nominated you seven (7) things about yourself.

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