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Engagement Story

Happy first engagement anniversary to us! (Also celebrating 6-month of marriage)

A year ago I said yes, but I never recorded down how he proposed…So I thought I would spend some time today to celebrate this special day in our life!

Nov 1, 2014 – Gloomy, Rainy, HAPPY!

Few weeks ago Felix asked if I wanted to go on a photo date on Nov 1 to Antelope Island. We like to go take pictures at different places – Utah is just gorgeous.

He asked me to wear matching shirts and shoes before he picked me up to orchestra early in the morning. I didn’t put on much makeup, and I looked so tired and ugly.

We went to have dim sum after orchestra, and when we came out from the restaurant, the sky turned gloomy and cloudy.

“Let’s hope it won’t rain later!! I will drive faster.” He sounded nervous.

“Why? We can always take pictures on other days.” I was confused. Did he really want to take pictures?

He said something and I forgot what it was. (haha) Oops, and we almost had a fight on the way – probably I said something stupid about his previous relationships. He was like, “Aiya, let’s not argue… today is our date! Not to argue!” He was so nervous!

And he got more nervous when we arrived Antelope Island … It was so cloudy and windy. It almost started to rain.

We took some pictures on the beach – my head almost fell off – too windy.


Then he asked me to sit somewhere so that he can set up the self-timer and all the other settings.


And when he came back, he had this “determined” face and nervous smile. He told me he had called my parents a week ago to ask for their permission to marry me.


I thought WE were gonna call my parents this coming Sunday… Obviously he was braver than I imagined!!

He then kneeled down, and asked,

“Will you marry me?” (He said that in English just to get an “YES,” instead of something weird in Chinese – I totally would say some stupid thing if he asked in Chinese.)

“Yes, yes, YES!”


We smiled like idiots.

Then he told me he had the camera recorded the whole thing. HAHA! So smart. I told hime long time ago I wanted a quiet, low-key engagement – just two of us – no party, no embarrassing moments… He kept that in mind, but he also wanted a video of the process… so he came up with this idea! The moment after he proposed, it started to rain. (Can you see the change of color of the sky?) We quickly ran to the car and drove away. Our friends were already waiting at the park entrance to congratulate us!

I still couldn’t believe what’s just happened. He never told me he got the ring – and we still went on ring shopping after he bought the ring secretly. He even made a poster and bought some flowers for me. They had been sitting in the trunk the whole time, and he knew I wouldn’t open the trunk. (I always put my instrument and bag at the back seat for better protection.) I can only say, he knows me so well!

We had sushi for dinner, and we had sweet dumplings at our friends’ house. Tiffany said couples need to have Tang Yuen the day they engage to have a happy marriage – I am still not sure if she made that up.

Woohoo. I am engaged to my best friend now. Here comes the wedding planning…


It’s so fun to review all the engagement pictures and video. We had dated for almost two years when we got engaged – We had gone ring shoppings but he never told me he got the ring. Our dating anniversary is Nov 6. So I always thought he would propose on Nov 6. For one second I thought he would propose on Nov 1 (picture date) but we hadn’t called our parents yet, so it shouldn’t be Nov 1… Oh well.

P.S. And we have made sushi a tradition in our life! We also had sushi on our wedding day. And we just had sushi to celebrate. Happy Happy.

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