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[Painting]Hong Kong LDS Temple

I love painting/ drawing/ sketching. I had been attending painting class from 5 to 17 , and stopped to prepare for the HKDSE, the university entrance examination in Hong Kong. (Then I went to Utah for college right after HKDSE so…)

I always loved how I can express my feeling freely through art, but I had never considered it to be my career/ future since I knew I didn’t have the talent. My sister, on the other hand, is very talented. She went to painting class with me, then she got accepted to architecture program at Hong Kong University, then the animation program at BYU. Both programs are very competitive. She just has the genes.

But I have kept it as a hobby. Painting makes me happy. I enjoy the process – from scratch to finish – it’s MY own project. It’s my own work. I just love the feeling that I am able to create something.

Few weeks ago I bought two canvases and paint brushes because I was so depressed that I hoped this could lighten my days. It did. It took me about two weeks to finish it. I had so much fun. I love the Hong Kong Temple. It brightened my days when I was a young woman who was always stressed because of homework and tests. I found peace and hope in the temple.

I hope you will find joy in this painting.


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