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2015 – What Have You Done to Me?

I remember when I was mapping out my graduation plan and wedding plan in 2013 – 2014, I always thought “2015? That’s so far away! I don’t want to wait!”

And now it’s the end of 2015 already. Time flies – in light speed. My life had changed a lot in 2015 – and I have learned a lot from it. As my cousin said to me, “All the things are difficult before they are easy,” changes are difficult before they are easy. I am not saying things are easy now, but they are getting better everyday. Here’s some important changes/ things happened in 2015:

Jan 2015
– Started an internship with Intermountain – it was fabulous – I loved it so much. So useful. I was so worried that I couldn’t get all the drug tests/ vaccinations done before Jan. But it all worked out. Things seemed impossible but they worked out!
– Took our engagement photos
– Last winter semester at BYU

Feb 2015
– Grandma passed away right before Lunar New Year, the night when second sister arrived Hong Kong.
– Went to a free NBA game (for Jeremy Lin) with friends and we were on the Big TV (Jumbo something?) more than 7 times! Free tickets are the best.

Mar 2015
– Attended Jason Mraz concert with Tina
– Participated in a Utah PRSA Student of the Year Competition ->Runner-up

Apr 2015
– Parents came to my graduation ceremony (And my picture was on Deseret News!)

alice grad
From Deseret News


May 2015
– Got Married! Became a Mrs. Wan
– Went to Orlando for Honeymoon!


Jun 2015
– Officially graduated

Jul 2015
– Went to Zion, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon with friends
– Turned 21

Road Trip-27
Bryce Canyon


Aug 2015
– Moved to Michigan
– Felix started school
– I got a job with an airline

Michigan Road
Sept 2015
– Got an internship and a temp part-time job: worst decisions, but through these I learned what makes me happy and what I hate. 
– I thought I had depression

Oct 2015
– Started my job training – 6 a.m. everyday for six weeks
– Started helping with a side project – again – an experience made me realize what I like and what I hate

Nov 2015
– Visited Utah, family and friends! 🙂

Dec 2015
– First Christmas with just the two of us
– New job started (after training)


I think the most important thing I learned in 2015 is “my will is not your will…” And I have to be patient. And things I thought I liked might actually be things I hate the most. Also, I want to thank all my family and friends. It’s through these hard times you know who love you and who support you…

I will become stronger in 2016. I will know how to reject people. I will become a better wife, daughter and sister. I will learn to love myself more and treat myself better. I will relax and not think too much. I will love God more, and love Felix more!

We will walk together, learn together.

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