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小小地勤日記(一)Work Diary


I thought it would be a good idea to jot down what I learned every day at work. These records may be useful in the future! Who knows.

1. 國際機最少早兩小時check-in, 特別是有寄艙行李的!出入美國境都十分廢時,政府人員會遂件行李打開檢查的。我們公司合約說明,若你是前往國際目的地,四十五分鐘前一定要完成check-in, 拿到登機證。你遲到不能上機請你不要大吵大鬧。
If you are travelling international, please complete your check-in process at least 2 hours prior departure. It says on the contract of carriage that the airline has the right to cancel your reservation if you have not checked-in 45 (international), 30 (domestic) minutes prior to departure. You have to have your bags checked by the time limit. Your bags will stop at TSA for quite a while… Please don’t blame the agents for following the company’s rules.

2. 其實行李免得過都不要寄艙…因為弄失/弄遲的機會其實比想像中大…由其是當你要在大機場轉機。
I would not recommend checking bags. It’s just… a pain.

3. 有錢、有權力但人品差的人真的很討厭。以為自己很高貴就對其他人如狗的人真的很差勁。
It doesn’t matter if you have lots of money or power… you are nothing if you treat other people like ____.

4. 乘接第三點,那些對人差勁的人可能背後有不為人知的悲慘故事。要學會體諒。
Some people may just have a bad day and that’s why they are not in a good mood.

5. 下班後就不要想著上班犯過的錯…(我一定要加油學會這點)
Don’t think about what you’ve done wrong at work/ just don’t think about your work at all when you get home. !!!


(These are just my own opinion! Nothing official from the company.)

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