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Happy Felix’s Day 順頤節快樂

It’s Felix’s Day Sunday! We celebrated it with food, food and food. This is our 4th Felix’s Day together and I just realized that I became so spoiled after these years. I guess I need to work on my temper and attitude. I don’t want to turn to a princess! (or am I already one?!)

Brunch: Scrambled eggs with ham + “strawberry roses” and clementine


It’s actually very hard not to turn to a princess if you have a husband like Felix… He has like the perfect temper. He never yells at me. And he cooks for me! I wanted to make him some pancakes but he said HE would cook for me instead. (he said pancakes would take a long time) How nice he is!


Dinner: Okonomiyaki

Felix loves Japanese food. I tried to make something he would like on HIS day. But it doesn’t look that good without all the ingredients… Well, forgive us as we are just a poor medstudent couple. After all, it’s about the taste. And you can’t go wrong if you get the right sauce. And we did.


Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake

I know I have made it a billion times and I would love to make something new… But this is his favourite dessert so… I ran out of Robertson Jelly powder (from Hong Kong) so I used Jell-O. The color was funny, but it actually tasted pretty good.

He got me some roses.

I hope you had a wonderful _____’s Day!


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