Life · 中文

Taking Advantage 搵你笨

I hate people taking advantage of other people !
Or ME.

You may say that’s somewhat like volunteering/ helping people in need, and it doesn’t hurt to let people take advantage of you. But I would just go volunteer and help people I want to help if I really want to. Please stop making excuses for your selfishness, and please don’t take things for granted. Making other people look stupid doesn’t make you smarter/ look smarter.

Also, taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses only makes you look bad eventually. And this kind of people are everywhere! At work, at church, even among friends. They especially love to take advantage of people who are bad at rejecting. !!

Some people would lie to take advantage, some people just don’t care – they would just show everyone – I don’t know which one is worse.

A wish that will never come true is that there will be no more of people taking advantage of other. Or I should just become smarter and good at rejecting people. The thing is, most of the time I can’t tell if people are taking advantage of me (lying), or if they really need help.






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