When I was little, my parents let me attend different “hobby classes” to fill my spare time/ cultivate interests. These include piano lessons (like everyone else), painting class, ballet, paper clay class, English writing/ drama class (they offer it at school), and even “Shi’s calculation” class! (my sisters thought it was a joke – but I had fun in it I think…? I was proud of my flexible left fingers!!)

Most of them were really fun, and I actually fell in love with some of it: piano, painting and Ruan. I admit I am not very good at those, but I love them! I love playing piano. I love painting. I love playing Ruan. They make me happy. Playing music brings peace and joy. I love how music can shape our moods. (And now I know that if you want your child to be good at something, you have to ignite their interest and make them love to do it.)

And painting. I feel like I am creating sometime. I am producing something. I love that feeling. Although I don’t have much contributions to this world, I created this particular “art.” I am the owner to the art. Somehow I think of Le Petit Prince’s rose. To the rose, little prince was the world. To my painting, I am the world. Isn’t that wonderful? (or not)

Not a perfect painting. The process is more important than the outcome.



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