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[Work Diary] Never Too Old to Play 玩到老

An elderly couple checked in and the wife needed assistant with wheelchair. I helped her all the way to the gate, so I had a little time to talk to her. She was a really nice lady. I think she and her husband were both in their 80s. They were heading to Nevada.

“Are you going there for your family?” (a very common phrase we use to break the ice. And it’s the most common reason elderly persons travel. I was expecting a “yes” to this. Then I can ask about their children blah blah blah.)

“No… We are actually going for a bridge tournament.” The husband giggled.

?! Bridge tournament? Did I hear that wrong?

“It’s a national bridge tournament. Haha. Both of us play.” The wife continued.

I was amazed. An elderly couple traveled all the way from Michigan to Nevada for a national bridge tournament!

“We have been playing it since college! It’s been 65 years already.” Husband said.

W.O.W. I couldn’t say anything. I know nothing about bridge, but this is just so amazing. The best thing is that they both have the same interest and can keep it for 65 years!

“This is our first time to the tournament. Wish us luck!” The wife said, kinda nervous and excited.

I wish I can do something cool like this with my husband when we grow old. Maybe we will participate in a sushi-eating contest in our 80s.

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