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Weekly Grocery List

When I was in college, I didn’t think grocery shopping could be that annoying. I just went whenever I felt like it – I was only taking care of myself – I didn’t need that much food!

And I got married. And I have to take care of two people’s meals. (Sometimes he does.)

“What’s for dinner?” has become the most common question asked between the two of us. Honestly, it should be that hard… right? Growing up, my mother never failed to cook a delicious dinner every night. So it should be pretty easy, yea??


Thinking about what to eat and to actually cook it can be pretty frustrating when you are lack of creativity like me. (Except when we are craving for a specific kind of food) Therefore, constantly looking up recipes has become my hobby. Sometimes those recipes require too many different ingredients, and they are pretty expensive, and I would end up just buying the ingredients on sale… And just see what dishes I can make with the ingredients I have. I just don’t like to go grocery shopping by myself… it’s too much pressure, and I am just too indecisive on this matter.

Let me share with you what I bought and made this week:

Romaine Lettuce (on sale, buy one get one free)
Salad (with thousand island dressing, also on sale), Fried Lettuce

Fried eggs with sausages, Fried rice

Onions (on sale, buy three pounds get three pounds for free)
Onion soup, fried rice

Sausages, Hams (on sale, $6 for 6)
Fried rice, Ham and macaroni (Hong Kong style), Breakfast food

Sweet Potatoes (on sale, $0.77/lb)
Steamed sweet potatoes

Oranges (on sale, $3.89/3lb)

Kiwi (on sale, $2 for 8)

Cream cheese (on sale, $3 for 2 pack)
Planning on making cheese cakes

Mac and Cheese (on sale from Costco last week), Smoothie 

And I realized I have also used a lot of stuff I bought previously, like tofu, canned corn, frozen fruits, udon, fish balls, dumplings, spaghetti … It is very important to have food storage if you don’t really like going grocery shopping! Half of the ingredients shown on the featured image is “pre-bought,” the only fresh ones are only eggs and cucumbers.


(And you can tell I don’t really cook meat often… the whole process just takes a lot of time: thaw, marinate, cook, serve)




2 thoughts on “Weekly Grocery List

  1. I can totally relate. I’ve been planning meals and buying groceries a week at a time and it can be a little daunting at times. I also find myself on Pinterest more than ever searching and pinning recipes.


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