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Ohh… New York!

Felix just finished his first year of med school last week, so we decided to take a short weekend trip. (Also our anniversary is coming up!! Time FLIES!) We always wanted to go to New York City together since it’s where he served, and luckily there’re seats (employee tickets!!) Woohoo!

You may wonder what we can do in just two days – you will be surprised! Felix was a great tour guide. Not only did he bring me to places he went when he was a missionary, but he also brought me to famous tourist places he went after mission. In other words, we went to more places in two days than he visited when he was serving his two-year mission. I really think we walked more than 10 miles in two days. Yes.

Subway was our best friend. (Or not, depends on the wait time and if we got on the right train.) Red dots are the subway stations we “used” in the past weekend.  (So grateful for this wonderful member who helped with our transportation and housing!!! Felix’s member friends are so nice.)

Stations we “used.”

Places we visited:

  1. Coney Island (The beach and Nathan’s hot dog’s first store!)
  2. 8th Avenue (Chapel, Chinese grocery stores – eye-opening experience – I had NEVER SEEN that many Chinese in the States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like back in Hong Kong!!!)
  3. Little Italy
  4. China Town
  5. SoHo (We had an amazing Japanese buffet! Also went to Uniqlo.)
  6. Grand Central Station
  7. New York Public Library
  8. Rockefeller Center
  9. Fifth Avenue ($$$$$) (Hotel Peninsula – we saw the Hong Kong flag!)
  10. Macy’s @ Fifth Avenue (It’s huge!)
  11. Madison Square Garden
  12. Empire State Buidling
  13. Big Catholic Chapel on the Fifth Avenue
  14. Time Square (M&M world!)
  15. Broadway (No $ for tickets)
  16. Flushing Chapel
  17. Flushing Main Street (Another Chinese hub!!!!!)
  18. Manhattan New York Temple
  19. New York Central Park (I kept thinking if I would meet the HONY photographer.)
  20. Flatiron Building  (And Shake Shack – too many people waiting in line!!)
  21. Wall Street
  22. Brooklyn Bridge (MANY MANY people)

It’s crazily busy in NYC. I am from Hong Kong, so I know how a typical city is. And New York is on another level… the subway system, people’s driving skills, living cost… But I love it there. People accept differences. (Or they just don’t have time to mind others’ businesses.) Every one is so different. People wouldn’t stare at me just because I am Asian. They are just not that ignorant. I have been there once 10 years ago with family but all I remember is the accident. This time I really got to enjoy the food, the scenery, the culture… This was a great little getaway!

Do you like the pictures??? Let me know how I can improve my editing skills!



5 thoughts on “Ohh… New York!

  1. Your pictures are great. You and Felix are so adorable! You sure did a lot in two days! I really loved the flatiron district. I walked a lot on my trip there too. I feel you see more that way. Glad you had a good time! 🙂


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