[Sew Fun!] From the Beginning

I suddenly have a VERY strong desire to learn to sew recently.

Having taken a few sewing classes in high school, I learned the basics of sewing, yet forgot how to operate a sewing machine and most of the stitches already. When I was browsing some sewing/ DY blogs and YouTube videos, I really wanted to be like those people who can make their own clothing! I always had a strong desire to create something – writing, painting, cooking – Now I want to be able to make my own outfit! (I had never had that desire before… but this idea kept appearing so I thought that may be something I should do?) The most important part is that I will be gaining a really useful skill.

As the old Chinese saying goes – Study is like sailing against the current ; either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind. (學如逆水行舟,不進則退) Graduated for a year, I feel like I am on a stagnant growth. I NEED to learn something. I was learning some new languages and musical instruments, but I didn’t feel like I was learning something!! (If you get what I mean…) I hope I can understand more of myself and grow through learning how to sew. Hopefully you will be able to see my changes through this blog… (if only there’re readers…)

The used sewing book was just $6 compared to the original $40.

After consulting family and friends and the Internet, I bought the following tools:

  1. Sewing Kit (Amazon)
    Yea… I didn’t really have a sewing kit at home…
  2. Sewing Machine (Amazon)
    My sister-in-law recommended Brother xl2600i. It has 4.5 /5 stars based on 2,956 users’ reviews. It is also a more affordable one in the market. Felix helped me save $20! He was amazing.
  3. Threads (Walmart) 
    Some threads for the machines
  4. Sewing Book (Used bookstore)
    I love reading a textbook. It explains things clearer. (for me)
  5. Fabrics (Walmart)
    I got a cheap fabric from the clearance section to practice stitches.
Fabrics from Walmart.

YouTube Videos that I consulted:

This one teaches you how to set up your sewing machine. 

This one teaches you how to use the machine. 

This one teaches you how to close one side. I learned it before but I completely FORGOT about it!!


And I made a very “rough” sign for my room. (I know, I know!!! Don’t judge!!!!)


“Work space” in Chinese.


1. Cut cardboard to ideal size
2. Make the cover: Cut fabric
3. Hand stitch the words (Backward stitch)
4. Machine stitch the border
5. Machine stitch the fabric (Inside out)
6. Put the cardboard inside the cover
7. Close the cover!

I learned my first lesson…

#1. Nice pressing is essential to sewing. 

It says on the sewing book already, but I thought I could get away from it as I was not aiming for perfection… turned out you NEED to press your fabric even if you just want your product to look OK… But I guess that’s also part of my personality… I love chaos… I am always not the good kid who has a clean room/ clean books… Oh well.

I will buy an iron soon.

(DON’T JUDGE. We have a steamer though… ) 

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