[Sew Fun!] A Skirt!

Finally… made my very own skirt with the help of a friend! She helped A LOT, but I can also proudly say that I MADE my very own skirt – From cutting pattern, cutting fabric to pressing and sewing! Woohoo!!!

I talked to a church member that I wanted to learn to sew, and found out she was actually a big sewing person! She has a VERY nice Bernina sewing machine and she makes A TON of different clothes. And she lives in the same apartment complex! So I went over yesterday to learn from her.

We went to Jo-ann to look for the pattern, fabrics and more tools. Good thing about Jo-ann is the coupons! I used three coupons and saved $30.

I picked an elastic skirt to start with since it says “very easy” on the pattern… and the member had already made one before, so she knew exactly what I would need.

Things I got:

  1. 2 1/8 yard fabrics
  2. Elastic
  3. Seam gauge
  4. Chalk
  5. Butterick B5757 Pattern

I think we spent six hours on this skirt. It would have been way slower if my friend wasn’t with me… My machine’s tension went wrong and she used her machine, which made things so much faster and easier! (tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata *100000 times)


Lesson #2: Be patient!

I told you I was a very very carefree person. I didn’t want to follow lines or instructions. (HAHA) Very messy. I didn’t want to spend so much time on one little thing. But you have to be patient to make a nice skirt. Pinning pattern, cutting fabric, pressing, hemming… If you mess one step up, that’s IT. Do it all over or save your skirt as pyjamas.




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