[Sew Fun!] Delphine Skirt

I love pretty clothes. (Who doesn’t?) That’s why when I found Tilly and the Buttons, I immediately fell in love with the patterns! Tilly’s clothes are sooo cute!

Then I found she had a book. And her book was so cute too. (From the cover.) (I am quite shallow.) When I was debating if I should buy it, I found a copy at the public library! Great!!! That way I can see if I really want to buy it.

And I saw this Delphine Skirt.


So cute!! (And she is cute too.) I just had to make it! Luckily, the book came with the patterns!! I didn’t want to ruin the patterns for other people, so I bought some medical pattern paper to trace the patterns – it worked great.

It’s a journey making this skirt – choosing a suitable fabric and interfacing, cutting the patterns, inserting an invisible zipper, buying an iron to press the skirt – All these were so fun! Thanks Felix for going to Joann’s with me. I spent a lot of time finding a suitable fabric (medium- to heavy-weighted so that it will show the A-line, according to the book.) He was so patient with me. So finally I found this fabric in the home decor section. Oh well.

Also! I learned to find good deals. I learned to compare prices and making sure I was buying the cheapest and greatest. (Greatest among the cheapest.) It’s very important to find good deals or this hobby can actually lead you to bankruptcy…



I need to work on my sewing skills and pressing skills. Also my fabric-cutting/ tracing skill! I think I am one inch off – the waistband is kinda loose.

But I am very proud of what I have learned. I made a skirt all by myself! (And with some YouTube videos.) I learned to use different pressure foot.

Oh, I also learned to replace the needle. I broke the sewing machine needle when I was sewing the waistband to the skirt… It was a heart-broken “ping!”

Lesson #3  Don’t Force the Needle over thick Fabrics

I think I placed the fabrics wrongly or I used a wrong pressure foot… I will treat the machine nicer and take it easy.

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