[Sew Fun!] Megan Dress

So… I think I can say I love to sew. The only place I wanted to go on the weekend was Joann’s. And I went there by myself so that no one can say I spend too much time in it, or I just don’t have to feel so bad…

But I still needed to ask for advice on fabrics – I just couldn’t decide!!! I was standing there for so long… every thing looked so good… I had to take pictures and asked around. If I didn’t call for help, I would stay there until it closes without buying anything.

I bought some fabrics to make the Megan Dress from Tilly and the Button’s. I love how her book teaches the readers a new skill in each project – I learned to stitch darts, add sleeves and sew gathers in this dress. So happy!

Regarding the fabric I got – I thought it was VERY pretty, then I started thinking it actually looked like those blue plastic bags in Hong Kong. (With Golden stripes on top, you get it from small bookstores or boutique.)

I also pre-washed the fabric – luckily I did – I rinsed it twice and the water was still blue. Like ink.


The only thing is I still can’t make the invisible zipper invisible. I guess it’s because I didn’t use an invisible zipper foot…? I still can’t decide if I should get one… OH!! And I didn’t make a toile and the shoulders just didn’t seem right. I stitch another line and make it less awkward, but then there’s a lot of fabric on the shoulders. Should I cut them??

Lesson 4: Trace the pattern very CAREFULLY, including all the darts, etc.

I think my darts are 0.5 inch off. The back bodice darts don’t match the back skirt darts. I don’t know what happened, but there should be something wrong in the tracing process.

Took a picture outdoor. Fabric showed a different color

6 thoughts on “[Sew Fun!] Megan Dress

  1. Hey! I think the fabric is fabulous. Though you make me miss shopping in HK :p
    The dress fits you well in my eyes, and I like puffy sleeves 🙂
    Also I think an invisible zipper foot is really worth it. You will get to use it a lot in dressmaking!
    Is that medical exam paper or tracing paper you used? I found exam paper difficult to trace :/ I use tissue paper from dollar shops at the moment.


  2. This is lovely! I use baking parchment to trace my patterns – really cheap and comes on a roll, it is easy enough to stick more together to make it wider if needed too. I would also recommend an invisible zip foot, I got mine for a few £’s off of amazon.


    1. Thank you Megan! Parchment paper is a good idea! Except sometimes it can be a bit pricey haha. The invisible zipper foot is amazing! I finally bought it after making this dress and reinserted all the zippers.


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