[Sew Fun!] Two-Pleated Skirt

Talk about fabric shops in the Zoo, Jo-Ann and Field’s Fabric are the top two places people recommend. (I saw Hobby Lobby has some good selections too! ) They said Field’s is more expensive but has better quality fabrics. Since it is just right by the airport, I decided to walk there during my break to check it out.

I am so glad I went! They got a lot of different fabrics and they were ON SALE! Every thing was like 30/ 40 percent off, $3.49-$9.99 yard (or lower). There were a lot of people too. I felt like I was in a community sewing club. So many women. Haha.

So I got 1 4/8 yard of fabric for $5.37. It was kinda stretchy, but I LOVED the fabric pattern. I thought it would be great for a skirt.

I didn’t really have a pattern I wanted to follow, so I decided to make a two-pleated skirt. I always wanted one but I never found one I liked… So!!! I looked up a lot of pleated skirt tutorials, also I followed Love at First Stitch’s “stitch in the ditch” method. This is the finished product:




And thanks to Sil from mauve cloud studio‘s encouragement, I bought an invisible zipper foot.



The best invisible zipper I had inserted! (Like I had inserted a lot… only three skirts/ dress…)

Woohoo! I am very happy.I think I will unpick all the invisible zippers I had done and insert them again.

Lesson 5: Draw a Pattern and Don’t stretch Fabric

Some people said I didn’t need a pattern for this kind of skirt but I really should have made one… Eyeballing was OK, but there was a little bit off with my finished product. Also since the fabric was stretchy, I was so nervous when I was sewing it. I shouldn’t have pulled it towards me that much.


5 thoughts on “[Sew Fun!] Two-Pleated Skirt

  1. Wow that invisible zip is impressive. I’m so glad you got the foot :). The fabric looks nice and what a bargain! Nice photos with hubby in the park. Thanks for the mention too!

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      1. Tho to be honest, I always hold my breath when sewing the invisible zip. Too easy to catch the teeth and the zipper won’t open past that point. Even though I did iron it til the teeth stand up. Happened to me! :-0


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