[Sew Fun!] A Tie For Him

Since I’ve made several new outfits for myself already, I decided to make something for Felix. (Good wife, good wife!) I looked up tie tutorials, and found this wonderful website. She gave a wonderful explanation on making a tie! I used one of Felix’s old torn ties to make the pattern – a super super skinny tie – that’s what he likes (so that he won’t look fat and short). I also used the interlining from his old tie.

It is very easy, but time consuming. The hand stitching part (last part) took me about an hour! I also unpicked the whole thing once because it was too loose and he was not happy with it.

I got the fabrics at Field’s again. I just LOVE the floral pattern! I got 1.5 yards, made a tie and a headband for my coworker. I will post more pictures of the headband later!

(There’s still 0.5 yard fabric left, what should I do with it?)


I think I will make one for my dad!

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