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[Sew Fun!] Sewing-Supplies Shopping in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for the past two weeks – not for fun – but to take out my wisdom teeth and see the “Chinese chiropractor” for my knees, arms and neck… Good thing the chiropractor was located in Sham Shui Po, an area with the most and cheapest sewing supplies in Hong Kong!! Seeing the chiropractor was not very fun because of the acupuncture and “massage” part, but I was kinda excited to go there just for the shopping part haha.

HK Sewing-2
There are only fabric-related stores in this area. 

I had been there before, but I didn’t pay much attention to those hawkers since I was not into sewing. But this time, I was amazed! It was like heaven to me. My mom bought a new sewing machine recently so she also got some stuff. (Her thumb was having some problem so we went to the doctor together every day.) Everything was so cheap!!!! For example, a zipper was $1 HKD no matter it’s visible or invisible, long or short.  $7.78 HKD = $1 USD. That means the zipper was $0.12 USD, which it would cost me at least $3 USD in the U.S. I got a bunch of them! And! A whole “pack” of elastic was only $20 HKD.

We also got some fabrics – the prints were not as pretty as the ones found in the U.S. – but they were so cheap! The average was $10-30 HKD/ yard. Woohoo! SO MUCH Cheaper than in the States! I guess I can also get them online, but I like to feel the texture… I am still not very familiar with the fabric names and stuff.

Sewing notions were also very cheap. We got everything below for less than $12 USD. What a deal.

HK Sewing-4

When I talked to my aunt about my sewing hobby, she told me she was the second runner-up for the Hong Kong Pattern Drawing Competition thirty years ago. Four kids’ clothing companies bought patterns from her! I asked her to draw the basic pattern for my body – I hope I can create something pretty with it! Haha.

HK Sewing-3

6 thoughts on “[Sew Fun!] Sewing-Supplies Shopping in Hong Kong

  1. I’m the same…haven’t paid attention to sewing shops in HK because my dressmaking hobby started whilst I was overseas. I want to go there next time I’m in hk! Thanks for the post, didn’t know they are in SSP :p


  2. Ooh thanks for sharing! I’m heading to hk later this year and didn’t even think about shopping for sewing. 1HKD for zippers?? I know what I’ll be coming back with. Which were your favorite stores? And how cool that your aunt sews and won competitions. Look forward to seeing what you’ll do with her pattern~~


    1. Haha her pattern is nothing fancy, i am still learning to alter it! Just a basic one with my measurement.
      Regarding favourite store… i don’t really have one since they all sell different things… My advice is don’t buy anything until you have seen everything in the area… the first shop i went the zippers were $15 hkd each… but then i found the cheapest should be $1 hkd each… and there are many random stores and hawkers selling fabric for $5 to $10 yard. You can find treasure if you look carefully!!


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