[Sew Fun!] Frill Sleeve Top

I knew I wanted to make this frill sleeve top from Michiyo Ito in Cotton Friend No. 32 when I first saw the pattern – I already had a white frill sleeve top, and I wanted another one in a darker color! And this pattern is just what I want!

Fabric suggestion was cotton/ linen – but I really wanted to use this dark/blue chiffon-like fabric. I gave myself a really, really hard time… I am still a beginner so I had to spend a lot of time to play with the chiffon. (I don’t exactly know what type of fabric that is…) 

Making the bias tape for the neckline was the hardest. I unpicked it for more than ten times. It was crazy. The fabric would not stay. And since I don’t have a serger, all I could do was to zig-zag the fabrics… I saw tutorial online says I could burn the hem? Should I try it?? But I don’t want to burn my apartment… I am not a very careful person. Anyway, I was really proud of myself after I got this right… It’s not perfect, but I am satisfied…

I didn’t handle the fabric right… some parts were shorter than the others, some were longer. Oh well. I will do better next time. If I make anything with chiffon again… My mom and I got a bun of sewing machine needles in Hong Kong. They were very cheap – HKD $13 for 10 needles. We got no.9, no. 11 and no. 16. Good thing they were cheap. I broke one sewing this… haha..

Lesson 6: Pin everything before you sew

It has been said on sewing books and online tutorials, but I am not a very good listener. I learned this in a hard way this time. It’s very important to pin everything before you sew. It’s the only way I could get the bias tape right. I thought I could just estimate with my hands and eyes. Obviously it didn’t work…

7 thoughts on “[Sew Fun!] Frill Sleeve Top

  1. oh no my comment didn’t show up. I was saying I tried the burning method with chiffon and while it works (stops fraying), the result was a bit uneven. A narrow or rolled hem would have been better. My sewn chiffon/satin hems look like yours too…it’s hard to make it all sit flat! I like your top a lot! 🙂


      1. I have never tried a rolled hem foot on the sewing machine. My overlocker has a rolled hem function but I haven’t tried it on a garment yet. On the note of overlockers…it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. Really! Consider it 🙂


        1. I owned a basic one for years, but i saved up for the Babylock Enlighten (I blogged about it several posts back). It has motorised threading and auto tension adjustment and I’m finally not scared of overlocking or changing threads. It’s good for beginners, me included, but it is pricey and one only really appreciates it after owning a generic manual threading overlocker haha


        2. Thanks for the recommendation!! The part that you don’t have to manually thread the machine is so enticing… And would you recommend me to just save up for the good machine, instead of buying a OK one and change it later? It is really, really a BIG investment…

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        3. Manual threading isn’t too bad, just fiddly and require patience, at least we have the eyesight and dexterity to do it. I don’t regret having a manual/basic/cheap one first for years. I got to try overlockers out and allow myself time to decide I’m serious about it. And then saved up for another few years :p


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