[Sew Fun!] Watercolor M6958

I went to Joann again.

It was Independence Day weekend and they were having big sale! Patterns were $1.99 – $2.99 … I just sat there for hours to pick one I like, and of course, calling and texting people to ask their opinion. Sadly, Felix was napping, and both sisters didn’t pick up their phones, and no one responded to my snapchat. Well, time to be a big girl…(then an hour later my sister texted me back…)

I bought M6958 since it was on sale (of course), and also I loved the shape of the dress. I always wanted something like that. Then I bought the fabrics. I didn’t know people said quilting cotton was not good for dress making, so I guess the shop associate thought I was “violating” the rule of the sewing world when I told her I wanted to make some dressed out of those fabrics.

I guess I am still a beginner that I would use the quilting cotton/ fabrics to make dresses. BUT I REALLY LOVE THAT FABRIC. IT is an art!!!! I don’t care about what people say.


I spent lesser time on this dress than the last one I made. The instruction was pretty strict forward. However, there were too much ease. According to the sizing chart on the envelope, I was supposed to be size 12. It turned out I should be size 8/10. 12 was way too large – I had to alter it a bit (since I didn’t make a muslin… I am just too cheap). I took some fabrics out from the shoulders. I also added a pocket to it.

I think I will learn to sew a lining next. I wanted to line this one, but I didn’t know how!! I will spend more time on this next.

Lesson 7: Fit the pieces before Sewing them together

I think I said this before already… But I would always be scared to alter the dress before I sew them together! I will do better next time. I will use pins to fit it.



13 thoughts on “[Sew Fun!] Watercolor M6958

  1. I love this fabric too! And it looks great as a dress. Don’t be put off by people saying its for specific things. I’ve used upholstery fabric and all sorts for dressmaking before!


    1. Thanks Emily!! I will try more different options!! Sometimes it’s very hard to find beautiful apparel fabrics that suits the pattern I want to make… Have you bought fabrics online?

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      1. I’ve tried buying online but I always end up disappointed. Fabrics are never quite what I expect – colour, print, texture, weight etc. Have you had any luck with online shopping?


      1. I think it depends on where you get it from and how much description there is, if you’ve bought something similar before etc… I’ve definitely got some nice things online but it’s just more often than not things aren’t what I expect. It’s definitely a hard thing to decide on but if you’re really struggling to find things you like where you are it may still be the best option!


  2. I love watercolour prints. It looks nice on you. I always make a smaller size (at least in bodice) because I know those big 4 patterns are designed for fuller shapes (as in fuller than I am)! And I don’t make muslins…I just don’t have the motivation to. Nice pocket…I’ve never tried making them! Pattern sales are dangerous, I spend ages there raiding the drawers like a scavenger :p

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  3. Also, my first ever DIY garment was made with quilting cotton. I don’t see a problem haha as long as it’s the appropriate weave and weight for the project. I still have a stash of them for further dressmaking plans!


    1. Thanks Sil!! Now I know I should make one size smaller. Do Vogue patterns have the same problem too? I want to make V8766 soon! Regarding pockets… they are very easy to make and very “useful”!! Just need a bit extra fabric for that.

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      1. I think depends on your proportions. I’m pretty flat and haven’t a clue how to grade patterns to make a small bust adjustment. I haven’t made that many patterns (still quite a beginner), but of the 10 or so I’ve made out of big 4 patterns, I made the smallest bodice size even though I don’t have a 23″ waist as the envelop indicates, they fitted fine, the patterns usually have too much ease. My issue is the hip area, as I’m a pear. I sometimes choose patterns according to how likely the design will fit my frame with minimal grading/alterations…

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  4. You have so much self restraint to buy just one! And who cares what the lady thought, can’t tell it’s a quilting cotton from looking at it… I can’t anyway. It looks perfect for summer and spring 🙂


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