[Sew Fun!] V8766 + A SERGER!!

I got a serger!!!!

I wouldn’t believe it if you told me I would get a sewing machine six months ago, not to mention a serger!! But the encouragement from family and fellow blogger (Sil, that’s you!), I got this Brother 1034D on Prime Day. And yes, $$ was also a consideration – normal price was $203, and it was only $159 on Prime Day! Woohoo! Thanks Amazon and Felix! (And Amazon forgot our order, so we got $10 amazon giftcard too. That makes it even cheaper. HAHA!)

The serger came threaded, but I wanted to thread it myself so that I can use the threads with the color I want, in stead of red yellow green blue. It’s surprisingly easy to thread. And it’s so fun to see it cut the fabric!!!! So happy! I am so happy with the machine!

Testing machine. See the different colour threads?

The first dress I made with the machine was V8766, with the fabrics I brought from Hong Kong. A family friend who worked at a wedding dress company gave us several yards of lace and lining for free. I am also writing this post for the July social sew activity:) The theme is Vintage. I think this dress is kind of vintage, you think?



Cutting out fabric in our living room.

I used the”normal” hem (how do you call it? 4-thread hem?) and the narrow hem function. Narrow hem used up a lot of threads, but the finished product is beautiful. I didn’t really get the tension right, but I was satisfied already!!

I kind of made a muslin for my bodice because I didn’t want it too loose. I guess I made it too tight in stead… I can’t gain ANY weight if I want to wear this dress in the future. Like, not even an inch. Or I will just redo the bodice… remove the darts I guess.

This was my first time making a circle skirt, also a lined dress. I wanted to cut the circle skirt shorter, but left it uneven! It’s not a circle, it’s an oval. So I cut out more, hopefully to cover the mistake. Hmmmm… So overall I made the bodice more “fit,” shortened the hem and added a little bow. I always wanted a dress like this!! This is my favourite pattern so far!

Lesson 8: It’s better to shorten a circle skirt hem hanging it.

I tried shorten it on the floor, matching the half circle, turned out it became an oval!!! When I wear it, the hem was not even – the sides was longer than the center. I had to do it again hanging it. Good thing I didn’t cut out a ton the first time…

Me little messy “work room.” Felix got me two new tables for me to sew!


Lastly, thanks Felix for always taking pictures for me!!! I know I am a bit demanding hehe.


8 thoughts on “[Sew Fun!] V8766 + A SERGER!!

  1. Congrats on getting the serger!!!!! Tell me it’s so worth it 😀
    Fabulous dress and your sewing skills are definitely improving exponentially! Lace is difficult to work with and you did the lining well (I haven’t tried to do either so far). And, bodice fit is on point


    1. Haha!! Sil!! I LOVE the serger and it IS worth it!! Thanks!!! I think the lining was harder than the lace… too slippery. I love lace better since no one can see my mistakes hahaha. And I definitely need to work on my fitting skills. Too fit… can’t eat in this dress.

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  2. Good job! It’s a very pretty dress. Now that you have a sewing machine and a serger, the next item on your shopping list is a proper cutting table. You can also try using spray on stabilizer when you’re working with slippery fabrics. You can find some on Amazon. You spray it directly onto your fabric and it stiffens it a bit so that it’s easier to work with. Then when you throw it in the wash the spray washes out of the fabric. Glad I found your blog from the link up over at Allie J. I love watching the excitement of new sewers! You go, girl.


    1. Thank you Carmen for your advice!! I will definitely try it out next time I make something with slippery fabrics! I wish I could get a proper cutting table too, but that will have to wait for at least few more years when i have the ability!!


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