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[Sew Fun!] M6913 Little Pink Sailor Dress

Since the little pillowcase dress I made for my niece, I think I fell in love with little girl dress! Of course being a nursery leader at church also helps – those girls wear super cute dresses! I want to make some! (although I don’t have any daughters… haha)

And also, I was always dressed like a boy when I was little. I guess my dad just wanted a son so bad…? Haha. Anyway. I really want to make something cute either for my FUTURE children or just for my nieces or little girls at church.

So I was so excited when I saw M6913 at Joann for just $0.99! Also I got a really pretty fabric (the color!!!!) for just $2.97/ yard… Not the best texture, but definitely the perfect color for me!!! I am obsessed with pink lately. Different shades of pink!

I have tried learning new skills in this dress… making buttonholes and blind stitch hem. NO LUCK. My buttonhole foot just didn’t want to work. It would not feed the fabric! When it did feed the fabric, the stitch was all off. Too bad. I had to hand stitch the buttonholes, which was kinda an experience… The blind stitch hem … I had to unpick them twice. The fold just went crazy after a while and I didn’t think it suited the fabric that well. Too much threads…

But it was my first time inserting a collar! A sailor collar!!! I was pleased with the result. I didn’t add the interfacing since I wanted a softer look. Also I did lined the bodice! It was so fun! According to the sizing chart this is for 3-year-old, but I don’t really know since I don’t have any models haha. (I think this is the first time I don’t have a model.) Oh well.

Lesson 9: Be Patient

It’s so hard to be patient when you have to unpick the same stitch so many times… Also sewing some buttonholes… Also sewing on slippery fabrics… You can’t rush through it. Being patient helps make good products. More detailed and neat!


One thought on “[Sew Fun!] M6913 Little Pink Sailor Dress

  1. Super cute dress, Alice! I love making little girl dresses, it’s addictive! Wish I have more time to make them. You’ve done a great job. I still haven’t tried the buttonhole function in my sewing machine…


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