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My 10 Updates

I think I should record down some changes in my life. They are nothing big, but are good changes to me!

  1. Quit my airport job.
  2. Got a haircut from Felix – shortest hair in years – and dyed it myself.
  3. Bought the first plant for our home! Hoping to purify the air.
  4. Working at a local library that looks like Hogwarts – it was built in 1927.
  5. Working as a contract translator for my church – one of the greatest blessings in life – childhood dream fulfilled.
    (I didn’t realize this was my dream until one of my best friends said she was so happy for me as I was finally doing what I wanted to do since little. Now I think back, when I was in F.3, my “Dream college major” was Translation – particularly CUHK’s translation. And I kept holding onto that thought until F.6, except I put HKU’s BA as A1 – still wanted to do something related to language. Just so you know, I did get in!)
  6. Teaching piano to two little girls. 
    (I tried so hard to think back when I first learned piano… It was fun, but sometimes I hated the teachers. Too boring, didn’t practice so I had to practice the same songs for months. I learned that in order to make someone LOVE something, they have to be interested in it. And I am trying to make them have fun in playing piano… I love them so much!!!)
  7. Painting and selling some Temple art on Etsy!
    (So grateful… there’re people I DON’T KNOW who actually love my work and willing to buy them. So amazing… in case you are curious, here’s the link:
  8. Sewing, sewing! My wrist was hurting so I kinda pause for a while -then Felix got me a pair of Gingher!!! I think this will solve my hand problem! Chop Chop Chop!
  9. Trying to sleep early and eat healthier! Too many pimples.
  10. Became happier! I stopped worrying (too much) about how other people see me. “Why doesn’t she have a proper job?” “Why is she wasting her degree?” “Why is she so lazy?”After all, I am the one who is responsible for my own life. I am the one who paints my own life… with God and Felix.Sometimes I feel guilty for my parents, but I am sure they want me to be happy more than a depressed-almost-die-unhealthy worker. I am following the prompting of the Spirit. I feel good about what I am doing right now.

    Having a proper job is great, if I could get one. But right now, I feel like these are the things I should do… I thought about keeping the airport job just to keep the benefits but then I remembered those cancel flights and storms, and coworkers who stabbed you behind, boss who lied to you, stupid ignorant coworkers who imitated “ching ching chang chang” when I was speaking Mandarin, who said, “oh my son had never seen people in you color!” to me and my african american coworker. And most importantly, the two times I prayed and fasted about that, cancellations and weather came immediately the day after and I stayed at work until mid night. And now every time I worry about income, I pay my tithing and I always get some little gigs that give me extra cash. I know these are the blessings from God. (If you don’t believe in God, in short, just “listen to your heart, listen to your conscious.)

    And now I am interested in soooo many different things. I want to learn as much as I can… Japanese, Ikebana, calligraphy… Should I just take some classes at a local community college? Should I go back to school?

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