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懶人銅鑼燒(豆沙包)食譜 Easy Lazy Dorayaki Recipe



結果煎第一片已發現不妙,非常難看,很快整片就焦掉了!!!! !!?! 而且太「鬆」了,一點也不像動畫裡的!! 太多蜂蜜了。這樣下去我一定會浪費掉那些紅豆餡!!


終於! !!! 煎了十多片,最後四片是最好的,也似叮噹吃的。我發現煎的時候火的控制很重要,不可以太猛,但不可以太慢,慢中火就差不多。而在每一次煎完鑊裡片的時候也要放在濕毛巾上一下,降低溫度。我只在一開始煎的時候用了一小片牛油抹鑊,之後都沒有加油,用的是易潔鑊。

I don’t really like eating beans because of their funny texture. But when I saw a “very easy” Dorayaki recipe online, I decided to give it a try because I thought it would taste good with the red bean in the “paste” state. It’s also Doraemon’s favorite food! I guess this couldn’t been that bad, right? (plus it says it’s very easy.)

And it turned out the recipe wasn’t that great – they were just some “burnt very easily fluffy pancakes.” I was so mad. I started mixing the ingredient without measuring them, “just went by my feeling.”

AND this time they turned out much better!! I think Doraemon would eat it. Guess I can’t really follow a recipe…

材料 Ingredient  (4-6 個小銅鑼燒 / 4 – 6 Dorayaki)

(食譜的份量都是大約的,因為根本就沒有量好)(These are just for reference – I didn’t really measure the ingredient…)

鬆餅粉 pancake mix    120克/g
奶 milk   60-90毫升/ml
蛋egg   1隻
蜂蜜honey   2 茶匙/ teaspoon
紅豆餡 Red Bean Paste  4 湯匙/Tablespoon (隨個人喜好加減 Depends on your preference)

做法 Steps 

  1. 將所有材料攪拌好。(理想的狀態是比液體凝固一點,可以「流動」的,千萬不要太稠。太稠就會變了一塊很厚的鬆餅。太稀可加粉) Mix everything together. (The ideal state of the mixture is a little bit thicker than liquid. It will become a very fluffy pancake if it’s too thick. Add more pancake mix if it’s too watery.)
  2. 開小火,下油,用廚房紙將油抹在平底鑊上。Heat the frypan, add some oil, use a paper towel to “coat” the frypan with oil.
  3. 轉作中慢火,用一隻湯匙將混合物倒在鑊中。Turn to medium heat, use a spoon to pour the mixture onto the frypan.
  4. 第一片是實驗品,看看什麼時候要反轉。有時候就算是起泡也不夠色的。This is kinda like an experiment. Check how long it will take to turn brown.
  5. 轉啡色就反轉。Turn it when it turned brown.
  6. 放涼。Let cool.
  7. 放紅豆餡。Add the red bean paste.
  8. 完成!!! Done!!!! Enjoy.

冬甩嘅爸爸冬甩嘅爸爸 doraemon 5~


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