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O Canada!

We don’t always get to go to the Temple because of Felix’s school schedule, my work schedule, and the Temple’s schedule. Therefore we always plan on going when he has a long break from school. (And when there’s no snowstorms, rainstorm etc. which happened twice…)

Exactly a week before this past Thanksgiving break, he suggested going to the Toronto Temple. On Google map it’s just a five to six hours drive, only two to three more hours than to Detroit or Chicago. WHY NOT?! (Chinese food, Chinese food!) And we could visit Felix’s uncle too! (First time in forever… or ever.)

Originally I had to work the day before Thanksgiving, but miraculously I got the day off. Such a blessing. We started our journey Sunday night, stayed at my wonderful friend from Hong Kong’s house in Windsor (Thanks so much!! Vicki! And thanks for hanging the picture!!!!!! <3) , and headed east Monday morning! Bonjour!

10 Things we learned during this trip:

  1. Canada is v.e.r.y cold, even when it’s not snowing. The wind seemed to get deep down into our bones.
  2. Canada’s Costco only accepts MasterCard.  To get gas (for people who have every type of card except MasterCard… like us), you can get cash with your US Credit card at their ATM (only 1CAD fee), and buy a cash card. Min 50 CAD.
  3. [At least in Ontario] Grocery doesn’t have tax, but snack does. (?!) And it is 13 percent.
  4. Toronto traffic sucks. Never trust your GPS for the estimated arrival time. It says it takes 38 mins from downtown to the Temple. It took us 38 mins just to drive pass two blocks, and two hours in total to get there.
  5. CAD Two dollar looks very similar to HKD Ten dollar.
  6. No one (exaggerated) goes to Niagara Falls in November. Too cold! Too gloomy.(But still gorgeous! Perfect for us.)
  7. ONroute along Highway 400 was the best thing for travelers! Free wifi, nice restrooms, plenty of fast food stores and convenient store. Also TV too. I wish they can have something like that here.
  8. Not many people attend the Temple on a random Tuesday night. We planned to attend the 5:15 p.m. session, but didn’t get there until 5:55 p.m. (We left at 3:45 p.m. from Downtown…) There were only two other people besides us in that session. We were SO attentive.
  9. T-mobile Simple Choice plan allows free text and 2G data in Canada.
  10. Call your auto insurance company beforehand to get a Canada insurance card.

We stopped by the Costco at Ancaster to get gas. It was Monday afternoon around 2 p.m. The line at the gas station was longer than the ones in Utah, and the warehouse was FULL of people!! The food court was full of elderly. The menu is different than the US one!

It was Felix’s first time visiting Canada and the Niagara Falls. And it was the first time we travel to a foreign country as a married couple! Such a memorable trip !! Too bad we didn’t see any rainbow. It was too cloudy. However because of down season we were able to get a good and close parking spot for $5 half an hour. Cheapest for a spot with walking distance in the cold.

It was SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the reasons we went to Toronto was the FOOD! We had the most amazing Charsiu in Markham. SO juicy and the outside was crispy. They came in huge portion! Thanks Uncle Bear! We also had some good sushi, Hong Kong style egg waffles and bubble drinks. Yay for the 芒果爽! So yum! And I Haven’t had the egg waffle for years!!! I wish they were more crispy on the outside tho.

We walked around downtown Toronto and the Chinatown. I will say next time we can just stay in Markham 🙂

And the most important part of the trip.


After this trip, I started thinking if I really am a city girl – Traffic sucks. Finally, finally, big thanks to Uncle and Aunt Bear for their hospitality!


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