I deleted two whole paragraphs of what I wanted to say… (complaints)

I know life brings a lot of surprises to us.

I may not like them at first. But later on I can see what they mean. And things will always work out at the end. Most of the time the things that I worried about did not happen. And solutions I didn’t think about would come up. Things are beyond my imagination. I just need to follow my heart and go. I will have more wisdom along the way. He is watching over me.

Things WILL work out. As my sister said, there’s not only black and white. There are many ways we can work one thing out No need to worry, because worrying doesn’t help. Don’t make one bad event/ person take up your whole mind. They are not worth it. Focusing on bad things don’t help. Focus on the good ones. Be hopeful. Be kind. Be a nice force in this world.

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