Felix and I love to see the temple and we would like to go to as many temples together as we can! Right now we have been to …

  1. Hong Kong China Temple
  2. Provo Utah Temple
  3. Salt Lake Temple
  4. Draper Utah Temple
  5. Jordan River Utah Temple
  6. Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple
  7. Ogden Utah Temple (Open house)
  8. Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple
  9. Payson Utah Temple (Open house)
  10. San Diego California Temple
  11. Phoenix Arizona Temple (Open house)
  12. Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple
  13. Orlando Florida Temple
  14. Chicago Illinois Temple
  15. Detroit Michigan Temple
  16. Provo City Center Temple (We never actually went inside but we have been there together like 100+ times)
  17. Manhattan New York Temple (Reminded us of the Hong Kong Temple!)
  18. Toronto Ontario Temple

More to go!

Learn more about temples here

Temples that we have been to separately:


  1. Manti Utah Temple
  2. Taipei Taiwan Temple
  3. Laie Hawaii Temple
  4. (Dallas Texas Temple) <- I don’t really remember…
  5. Brigham City Utah Temple


  1. Manti Utah Temple
  2. Taipei Taiwan Temple
  3. Tokyo Japan Temple
  4. Rexburg Idaho Temple
  5. Laie Hawaii Temple
  6. Brigham City Utah Temple


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